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Tiffany Williams |

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma five years ago this month. Celebrating five years of survivorship has been an especially big milestone in my life. I can recall being diagnosed and immediately searching for the prognosis of myeloma. Everything I read indicated a five-year life expectancy. I can smile today knowing that in many ways, I am healthier five years later. Perhaps not physically, but for sure in mind and spirit.

I often share with others how inspired I am following ASH, by the many champions in the field working on our behalf to improve quality of life, increase life expectancy, and ultimately find a cure for myeloma. My mission going into ASH18 is to inspire and offer hope through blogging and tweeting my experience. It is my goal to know that all myeloma patients experience hope for their progression-free and overall myeloma survival journey. I am honored to attend on behalf of IMF as a support group leader and myeloma patient.

As I shared last year, disparities in myeloma is a reality, but there are so many reasons to be hopeful. Although complicated and sometimes uneasy to discuss, I believe we are inching closer and closer to a better understanding of disparities in myeloma. I am so excited to see that the conversation is widening among support group leaders and health professionals.

Like last year, there are several oral and poster presentations dedicated to racial and ethnic health disparities of multiple myeloma scheduled for ASH18. I will attend as many as I can to share with those of you who are also interested in better understanding and increasing awareness of the racial and ethnic health disparities of multiple myeloma.

I look forward to sharing my perspectives of hope with you through tweets and blogs during ASH18.

Wishing You Hope and Faith,


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