Takeaways from Thursday and Friday of ASH 2018

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Hi Everyone!  I’m turning in my blogs a bit late for a few reasons. The most important of which is so I can review all the other leader’s blogs and (1) not duplicate information (2) recommend you read up on certain topics from each of them and (3) provide you with my perspective on anything additional.  I’ll do my blogs by day(s) to help keep these short and concise.

Thursday, November 28:

Michael and I, with IMF Patient Meeting Planner, Carmen Greene, walked the entire San Diego Convention Center, plus outside meeting venues to ensure we would know the best routes to walk and know exactly where to lead the #IMFASH18 Team for the next 5 days.  We also went grocery shopping for the leaders so for those very early and long days, we would have water and snacks on hand for them.  This certainly came in handy when on multiple days we were up at 5:00 a.m. to walk to 6:00 a.m. sessions.

Jack Aiello, Support Group Leader From San Francisco, CA, and Jim Omel, Support Group Leader from Grand Island, NE, each arrived early enough on Thursday to attend the Bone Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network (BMT CTN) Myeloma Intergroup program. I found each of their takeaways from this meeting very interesting and recommend you check out Jack’s blog for details. Also check out Jim Omel’s blog here.

Our entire #IMFASH18 Team gathered for a breakfast orientation to go over “The Plan” for the next 5 days of intense programs. Quite extensive, and we all agreed, that while our days would be long, we would pace ourselves, sometimes needing to divide and conquer to attend all the simultaneous programs.

Jack and Yelak Biru (Support Group Leader from Arkansas) are members of the IMF’s Global Myeloma Action Network (GMAN) left our breakfast orientation early to attend this key GMAN meeting. Patients and representatives gathered from Turkey, Germany, Australia, Croatia, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S. to discuss best practices to help patients worldwide.

#IMFASH18 Team attended the IMF’s Friday Symposium New Strategies for Myeloma Care:  Next Steps for the Future.” The room was at capacity, with about 1000 people attending. Yes, that’s One Thousand researchers, hem/oncs, healthcare professionals from all over the world that are interested in myeloma! Our dose of morning hope! Interesting stat on attendees:  71% were physicians, 16% Nurse/NP/PA, and 13% pharmacists based on the CRS responses. Dr. Brian G.M. Durie moderated a panel of myeloma experts. Panelists included Drs. S. Vincent Rajkumar, Philippe Moreau, Shaji Kumar and Jesús San Miguel.  They offered their perspectives on practice changing data and optimal management of patients with myeloma.  Click here for the replay to hear the expert interactions as they debate current clinical questions as well as the immediate and future implications for treatment decision making based on emerging clinical data.


Revised International Myeloma Working Group Criteria, IMWG criteria

Revised IMWG Criteria for Myeloma


Dr. Jesús San Miguel referenced this cartoon when he talked about the difficulty in getting papers published.


From Left: Drs. Jesús San Miguel, Philippe Moreau, Shaji Kumar, S. Vincent Rajkumar, and Brian G.M. Durie


Valarie Traynham, Yvonne Yaksic

From Left: Valarie Traynham (Aurora, IL) and Yvonne Yaksic (Pittsburgh, PA), who were both first-time leaders to ASH

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