Expertise Shared with Community Hematologists

Linda Huguelet |

The 60th Annual American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting officially kicked off on Saturday, but the action got under way on Friday. This day was reserved for symposiums that provide continuing education for ASH attendees. The International Myeloma Foundation’s (IMF) symposium this year was Dr. Brian G. M. Durie, Chairman of the IMF, led the panel of world-renowned myeloma experts including Drs. Shaji Kumar, Phillipe Moreau, S. Vincent Rajkumar, and Jesús San Miguel as they discussed hot topics in myeloma treatments today.

This Symposium gave approximately 1000 medical professionals (71% physicians, 16% Nurse/NP/PA and 13% pharmacists) from around the world the opportunity to gather information from specialists who have dedicated their lives to studying myeloma. Forty percent in the room indicated they practice at a medical center and they see 20 or more myeloma patients, and almost as many (38%) see only 10 or less myeloma patients in their practice. The paradigm of myeloma treatments continues to evolve quickly, and it’s important that a patient’s entire team has the data they need to provide the best possible treatment and this event offered a wide-spectrum of practical information.

A host of important topics offered great practical help knowledge to the community physician; they ranged from planning individualized treatment strategies, selecting optimal combinations in the relapsed setting and for those more difficult to treat, incorporating more novel therapies like monoclonal antibodies, and identifying upcoming trials that might be right for their patients. The team also presented a proposed 2019 Treatment Algorithm that was compiled by the Mayo Clinic medical team.

You can have a front row seat to this presentation and hear all of the details and debates by clicking this link

The IMF’s mantra that Knowledge is Power isn’t just for patients; it’s also for the medical community! This continuing education opportunity certainly provided them the chance to enhance their knowledge that pays off benefits for them and their patients.

Linda Huguelet, Chattanooga Multiple Myeloma Networking Group


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