Robin Tuohy

Robin Tuohy is caregiver to her husband Michael, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2000 at the age of 36. Robin is also the Senior Director of Support Groups for the International Myeloma Foundation. Robin will be leading a group of 10 myeloma patients and support group leaders through the various programs at ASH 2018. Robin hopes the support group leaders’ blog posts, videos, tweets, and live coverage from all events will spread hope and excitement for our futures! Knowledge is Power! She hopes to bring back all the knowledge she gains from ASH to her local support Connecticut Multiple Myeloma Fighters Information Group.

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ASH 2018: My Final Thoughts, Links, and Thanks!

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While this year’s ASH had 939 abstracts about multiple myeloma, I agree with Linda Huguelet that this year was a building year, and no real blockbusters. However, and it’s a big however, because there are many future blockbusters expected from the early phase 1 trials as they continue forward, I encourage that you pay attention […]

Takeaways from Thursday and Friday of ASH 2018

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Hi Everyone!  I’m turning in my blogs a bit late for a few reasons. The most important of which is so I can review all the other leader’s blogs and (1) not duplicate information (2) recommend you read up on certain topics from each of them and (3) provide you with my perspective on anything […]

Join Us and Bee a Fly on the Wall at ASH

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Hi Everyone! Thanks for coming to the IMF’s ASH 2018 website. The support group leaders joining us this year are patients and caregivers who will be sharing their experience with you throughout the meetings. Once again, we’re fortunate to have with us, Teresa Miceli, BSN, OCN, registered nurse at Mayo Clinic and a member of […]