ASH 2018: My Final Thoughts, Links, and Thanks!

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While this year’s ASH had 939 abstracts about multiple myeloma, I agree with Linda Huguelet that this year was a building year, and no real blockbusters.

However, and it’s a big however, because there are many future blockbusters expected from the early phase 1 trials as they continue forward, I encourage that you pay attention to:

  • CAR-T
  • New combinations – one comparing Rd-R vs continuous Rd (notice, no dex comparison)
  • combinations using Darzalex
  • Bispecific Antibodies (BiTES)
  • Selinexor (benefit in quad & penta refractory MM)
  • Isatuximab
  • Venetoclax
  • Plus,a drug that I had never previously heard of: Melflufen (Dr. Richardson from Dana Farber presented data on this unique alkylating agent for patients that are refractory to 3 other categories of drugs.)

Don’t forget that we have MANY FDA approved treatment options available.  Here’s a link to a handy Multiple Myeloma Drug Guide.

I wanted to better understand Bispecific Antibodies (BiTES) to help it make sense in my brain for where it may fit in treatment options and mechanisms of action.  I searched and found these two really good videos, just click on the live links below and I hope they help you better understand BiTES too!

  1. Ask Dr. Durie video explaining What are Bispecific Antibodies (BiTES)
  2. Draw to Science Animation on Bispecific Antibodies

Monday was another “Myeloma Madness Monday” with multiple simultaneous sessions.  My best advice is to check out the IMF’s Conference Series video “Making Sense of Treatment” from the ASH 2018 meetings, with  IMF Chairman Dr. Brian G.M. Durie, Dr. Maria Victoria Mateos from the University of Salamanca, Spain, and IMF Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joseph Mikhael distill, debate, and discuss the latest news and trends in the treatment of multiple myeloma at the 60th Annual ASH Meeting in San Diego, California, during this 60-minute webcast.  If you are a myeloma support group leader, I highly encourage you to use this video at one of your upcoming meetings as your “ASH 2018 review.”

Click Here for the Replay of “Making Sense of Treatment”

Well, I guess this is a wrap for #ASH18!  But one last thing:


Dr. Brian G.M.Durie

Best of ASH 2018 Teleconference:  What Myeloma Patients & Caregivers Need to Know

DATE:  January 10, 2019


While I thank all the researchers for their continued diligence, I encourage them to keep working hard to help find a cure!

My personal thanks to the International Myeloma Foundation, Dr. Brian Durie and Susie Durie, for having the brainchild to bring myeloma support group leaders to ASH!


2018 ASH Support Group Leaders' Team

2018 ASH Support Group Leaders’ Team

With special thanks to the sponsors for this year’s IMF Support Group Leaders to ASH:

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